Saturday, May 30, 2020

George Floyd and A Different Agenda

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Above all I am a human being and as such, I am distressed and outraged about the terrible incident of cruelty, manslaughter and death of George Floyd. I am sad and dismayed by something like this happening, to which I may have been a target or victim of it, or it may have had happened to one in my family. Nevertheless, I trust and know that George Floyd will have the justice that this great country of ours, guarantees in the constitution and that the socialist and liberals insist on changing. None of this is justified in any way; but there are lots of good policeman out there that I know and respect, that protects our communities from the chaos that prevents the opportunities that we have to be posible, and that made this great country great. The peaceful protests are justified and that is what made this a civilized society. Although, I believe that the riots, the looting, the destruction of their own communities and business, does not have anything to do with George Floyd and its obeying to a different agenda. The rioters have separated themselves from the issue. Are we supposed to justify the burning the good as well as the bad? The guilty with the innocent? Should we fix the wrong with more terrible wrong? Should we take to justice criminal behavior with domestic terrorism? It is really deplorable that even senators like Maxine Waters OPENLY incite to violence and social chaos and that Keith Ellison invites antifa to the riots… Many forces, are obviously grouping to destroy this country, inciting to violence and chaos, joining the rows of the international terrorism, socialism etc. and they will use any crisis for their purposes. May God and the Constitution protect us from primitive chaos, socialism, and the nightmare that we flee from.

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