Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Whomever has given the Media the power to question, minimize and belittle the pronouncements and the constitutional legality of the decisions of a president elected by millions of American voters? What arrogance, impertinence and contempt these "press" characters feel for the American people! They have all my disdain and mistrust. I don't believe anything of what they publish or post! I detest their attitude and the “got ya” questions thrown at POTUS, at the daily press conferences on the corona virus! Their interpretation and manipulation of everything the president says is despicable! I hope the American people realize their game and disrespect, and judge them properly! I am MAD and I am not going to take it anymore! Bah! They called “scrutiny” I call it blatant LIES, disrespect and bias. The Main stream Media is FAKE and they disgust me! They destroy this country without thinking it twice, if that is the price to pay for having a tribune and supposedly influencing the Public Opinion, which is something that I believe is changing. As far as I'm concerned, I've always tried to keep an open mind to all information; but the extreme bias and manipulation through the lying, which has become widespread in the leftist state media, makes me distrust and dismiss everything they publish without verifying it. The American people are not as dumb as they think, all their obviously manipulated and distorted news are damaging their already doubtful credibility. Their hate and their “Trump Derangement Syndrome” are so obvious and unhinged, that has become a pathology. The American people will distrust their obvious bias, when they put their interest above the American people, in the same way  that senator Nancy Pelosi takes her time calling the Senate to work and do their job in these times of crisis, and playing games with the interests of the America people, delaying the aid packages and trying play games to including unrelated issues in the government assistance packages !SHAME ON THEM!

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